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PostSubject: DoubleTeeEff Man   DoubleTeeEff Man EmptyMon Jun 02, 2008 3:26 pm

Q What do you get when you cross a nigger and an octopus?

A I'm not sure, but it picks a hell of a lot of cotton.

Q What do you call 4 niggers in front of a barn?

A Antique farm equipment

Q How does every nigger joke begin?

A With a glance over your shoulder.

DoubleTeeEff Man Zarg10

God Damn 4 Chan...

Q how do you make an 8 year old cry twice?

A wipe your bloody cock off on her teddy bear

Q/A Yea I have some niggers in my family tree, matter of a fact, they are still hanging there

Q what do you call a girl whose one leg is longer than the other?

A ilene.

Q what do you call an ASIAN girl whose one leg is longer than the other?

A irene.

Grats Dan! In The Spirit Of 4chan

Q What's the difference between a baby and an apple?

A I don't cum on an apple before I eat it.

Q What do you do when you see a wounded nigger running through your front yard?

A Stop laffin and reload.
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DoubleTeeEff Man
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